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Consulting and Testifying Expert Witness Services

As a trained and licensed nurse and attorney, I can help you bridge the gap between the law and mental healthcare. Our services include aiding attorneys, hospitals, mental health institutions, insurance companies and behavioral health organizations in digesting cases involving illness, injury, or death. At Love & Associates Legal Nurse Consulting , we do not take a case if we do not believe in the substance of the attorney’s position.
Mandi Love legal nurse consultant services

Our services

case screening services
Case Screening

Screen cases to eliminate the expense of non-meritorious lawsuits and define applicable standards of nursing care.

case screening services
Records and Procedures Analysis

Provide critical information relevant to your case by analyzing electronic medical records, hospital policies and procedures, and applicable standards of care.

case screening services
Detailed Reports

Thorough reports (brief, comprehensive or chronological) that highlight significant medical or procedural events pertinent to the overall case analysis and detecting and highlighting medical records tampering.

independent medical examinations reports
Independent Medical Examinations and Reports

Coordinate, attend and report on independent medical (and psychological) examinations (IME’s)

Interrogatory and Deposition Question Preparation

Assist with the preparation of interrogatories, requests for production and preparing deposition trial examination questions.

Expert Witness Testimony

Serve as an expert witness should case go to trial and testify as to the nursing standards of care.

Love & Associates Legal Nurse Consulting reviews all the facts of your case and provides expert opinions including serving as a Testifying Expert if your case should go to trial. Love & Associates Legal Nurse Consulting will help to organize and analyze your medical files, giving you quick access to information while establishing which records are missing, out-of-order, undated, or unusable. You will be provided with a detailed report on findings, red flags, problematic medical concerns, or any other areas at issue.

Independent Medical (and Psychological) Examinations (IME's) can make the difference in certain cases. When your client needs these types of exams, it is difficult to determine whether they will have a fair and impartial examination. Love & Associates Legal Nurse Consulting can be there to cater to your client’s needs throughout all phases of the examination and evaluation process to ensure reliable findings.

Love & Associates Legal Nurse Consulting is here for more than just providing a Certified Legal Nurse Consulting service. Love & Associates Legal Nurse Consulting believes that there needs to be a healthy balance between compassion and legal knowledge, which can make all the difference in your case!

For more information about our processes, feel free to contact Love & Associates Legal Nurse Consulting for a free 30-minute consultation.

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